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More Flying Machines

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

The evolution of my Flying Machines.

I first started thinking about a machine which raised and flexed a mechanical set of wings while watching a really great documentary called The Life of Birds.

This first piece Flying Machine No.1 is more of a proof of concept prototype than a finished piece. At the time I was still learning to solder as the sloppy joins show. The piece is made of copper wire and tubing and stands about 6 inched tall. Sorry about the poor quality, my digital camera isn’t the best…


Flying Machine No. 2

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

I made this piece for the Metals in Motion exhibition held at the Oakland Museum of California by the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild of which I am a member. Here is an excerpt from the artist’s statement I wrote for the show:

This Flying Machine is the second out of a continuing series that explore human manipulation of nature. They honor nature by mimicking its beauty, yet mock it with their obvious artifice. Here the user gives the long extinct fish flight. It is absurd and futile yet beautiful. At once a part of and apart from nature, like all human works.

I’m working on shooting some decent videos of my mechanical sculptures. You don’t really get he whole effect without the movement. For now here are some photographs shot by my brother Kushal on the roof of his apartment building.