Cigar Box Uke

Here’s the latest cigar box creation. It’s a Ukulele I made for my sister in law Veronica:


I finished it a few weeks ago, but held back on this post as it was a Christmas present.


The top is Engleman Spruce. The tone is pretty good, but it isnt as loud as I would have liked. I need to plane the top to the proper thickness next time.


The original box top had a nice illustration on it, but it wasn’t really strong enough to support the bridge, so I glued the picture under the sound hole.


The neck is plain old red oak from the hardware store. I roughly shaped it on the band saw, then carved the radius with my spokeshave. This is the first time I shaped a neck the right way, (my previous cbg’s used a simpler neck style), and it came out quite nice. I’m currently building a full size guitar neck using the same technique. I’ll post a step by step as it progresses.





The Fingerboard is rosewood with poplar dots. No radius as its a Uke.  The frets are mostly even (10 looks bent in the pic but I think its lens distortion). The headplate is walnut.



The tuning machines are open geared guitar tuners I purchased from a discount online retailer. They are pretty much crap, but they look pretty good and are strong enough for a nylon string ukulele. This set is chrome with brass gears.


The bridge is my own design. It’s based on some old acoustic guitar bridges I have seen. I made it by laminating some leftover fingerboard material together and then shaping with a dremel and a belt sander. The saddle is unbleached bone. Behind it is a length of fret-wire to prevent the strings from cutting in to the wood.


This is the first time I have done a traditional bridge attached to the guitar top. the top is reinforced underneath with a bridge-plate and fan bracing. poplar pins run through the bridge to the plate for extra strength. Next time I’ll take a few pictures while I’m building the thing so you can see what I’m talking about.




This was a fun project! I’ll definitely be making some more. I’d like to make some to sell. If anyone is interested drop me a line.

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2 Responses to “Cigar Box Uke”

  1. Rocky Says:

    After seeing all your yummy bread, this is the yummiest of them all!!!! I mean… the idea is just so COOL!!

  2. dmilton Says: